Developers Reserve All the Rights for any changes In Plan, Elevation, specifications, amenities and other details and shall be binding to all the Members;Any Govt. Levies Like Service Tax and any other Tax Applicable From time to 'time shall be charged extra at actual Maintenance Deposit. GEB Charges, GUDA, Stamp and Registration, Legal charges shall be borne by the Members.This Brochure Is only for Advertisement and it shall not be treated as part of Legal documents.changes/Alteration of any nature by the member in External Elevation and which are affecting the the design of the Structure shall not be Permitted During and after Completion of the Project.The Dimensions shown in Brochure are Approximate

Nr.sabarmati riverbank, GIFT cityt Road, Randesan, Gandhinagar
350 Sq.ft to 1200 Sq.ft
3 BHK Flats and Retail shops
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Floor Plan & Sitemap

  • commercial unit
    Retail Shop

  • Residential unit
    3 BHK Flat

  • Site Layout

Property Type

Retail Shop


  • - Lift
  • - Park
  • - Security
  • - Parking


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